When the desire for comfort became a driving force for our vision - it was pregnancy and postpartum that gave us the opportunity to create something that we couldn’t find for our own need.

We exist to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in all that we do.

What you may not know, is just how incredible FZ clothes are for growing baby bumps, postpartum tummies and breastfeeding mummas!


Things you need to know about Bamboo when Breastfeeding

The neckline

We design clothes for comfort, not restriction. The neckline is where your bubba will find the best access for breastfeeding. We design your neckline with a special stitch technique that allows stretch and also with the incredible stretch in the Bamboo fabric - it snaps straight back ensuring you don’t walk around with saggy anything!!

The Batwing top is the ultimate item for breastfeeding! See the rounded low neckline? and if you'd like a little more coverage, you can wear a bamboo bandeau underneath!

The bottom

Not too tight, not too loose. Easy access - subtle too! Our tops are designed with flare, giving you enough room to move your bubba around and adjust into place for feeding. Getting your correct size is important - check the size chart and item description before purchasing. The gathered bottom design of our Batwing top is just so good for breastfeeding! If you do need a little more modesty, our baby wraps are also perfect for feeding coverage!

The Batwing top is the ultimate item for breastfeeding! See the gathered bottom for easy access. 

The Comfort of Bamboo

Bamboo is cool, breathable and much more. Bamboo is Antibacterial meaning it doesn’t retain odors, it’s breathable - letting  you stay cool and calm while breastfeeding (and we all know it can get hot up in here!), it’s UV protective - so if you’re outside in the sunshine, your bubba is safe away from the UV rays when fully covered by your Bamboo clothing. Your bubba will love the comfort too, knowing you are relaxed - relaxes them. The soft, delicious fabric is seriously unparalleled comfort!

FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or kicking goals in parenthood, we’ve designed our clothes with you in mind.

August 06, 2018 — Jasmin Adams