This one’s for all the addicts out there!

FROM ZION has and always will be a brand of substance, we create clothes that our addicts adore and want more of! To ensure we continue to pursue our creative drive, we bring out new prints each season and to date we’ve never brought a print back…. except Jungle 2.0! ;)

FROM ZION is truly the definition of #UnparalleledComfort. Our FROM ZION fit is also designed for life, a custom design and cut with you in mind. Washing and drying your bamboo garments the correct way will not only help keep the garment shape, it will allow your clothes to retain their quality and versatile wearability for longer!

Your FZ products (where relevant) have washing instructions on the label, but we thought we’d give you some extra tips from our very own team on how to keep your FZ favourites looking fresh!

(Always read the care label)

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Do Not List

  • Napisan - this (we have found) bleaches your garments and they won’t ever be the same again!
  • Use fabric softener - this (we have found coats the fabric) can block the benefits of Bamboo
  • Overload the washing machine - friction isn’t good for your garment
  • Hang on the line, Bamboo fabric has stretch and weight - you will cause the garment to dis-shape and peg marks will appear
  • Soak - not recommended, our fabric dyes are safe for the environment and humans (meeting the strictest baby wear standards); thus soaking may affect the colourfastness of your FZ products.

Do List

  • Sunlight Soap or Pure Soap Flakes (Good Aussie favourites) are GOOD for soaking stains!
  • Aldi brand Di San Pre Wash stain remover spray and degreaser are good for stain removal of grass stains, coffee, milk (yes-even breast milk), strawberries even!
  • Tumble drying (warm not hot) is recommended
  • Wash like with like, not just in colours but fabric/textures too!
  • Use a front loader wherever possible - the cycle is gentle!
  • Use a gentle cycle for general washing
  • Flat dry if tumble drying isn't an option

FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. From your first moment of purchase until the very last wash, give back that little bit of care and your FZ will love you for longer!

July 14, 2018 — Jasmin Adams