When the desire for comfort became a driving force for our vision - it was pregnancy and postpartum that gave us the opportunity to create something that we couldn’t find for our own need.

We exist to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in all that we do.

What you may not know, is just how incredible FZ clothes are for growing baby bumps, and postpartum tummies!

But I don’t want to wear ‘pregnancy clothes’, No worries!


Pregnancy never felt so good! Your FZ clothes are designed to stretch (and stretch they will) and still snapback! Bamboo and spandex expands with your bump leaving you with an incredible feeling of support, comfort and security as your bubba grows safe and secure. Even if you gain unwanted pounds during pregnancy, your FZ clothes allow for the stretch during this body-conscious season and continue to sustain their shape for seasons to come as your body changes - whether you ‘snap back’ or not.


The first few days are some of the biggest days for your newborn, wrapped safe in your arms and experiencing the world outside the womb - tactile comfort is essential for their skin and their connection with Mum. Bamboo is one of the softest natural fibres available, and with spandex included in all FZ fabrics, your clothes have the stretch needed for versatile wear; be it breastfeeding, covering your belly comfortably or sitting comfortably over your tummy scars as they heal. Bamboo runs cooler to the touch (3 degrees lower than cotton), when breastfeeding your body temperature can rise significantly - Bamboo serves as a great option to keep you cool, calm and collected.


FZ clothes are perfect for kids too! As a parent, we know nurture is one of your highest values. FZ Bamboo continues to win best-in-class for its versatility for little people, not just the stretch but the designs too! Enough length in the pants to grow with their height, and a bit more give in shape for them to grow into.


If nurturing the planet is important for your purchasing decisions, Bamboo is a more sustainable fabric than other market options. Bamboo replenishes itself quicker than other fabric material bases and production of the fibres use significantly less water to manufacture, whilst naturally degrading when it’s time on earth is done. Bamboo - Kind to Mothers, kind to Mother nature too!

So if it’s comfort you are searching for, or to lessen your carbon footprint - Bamboo is an excellent product that has wonderful properties suitable for all stages of life.

FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or kicking goals in parenthood, we’ve designed our clothes with you in mind.

August 03, 2018 — Jasmin Adams