FAQ November 2022

Why is this happening?

There's a few reasons. The main being covid and the flow on effect that it has had on the economy. We desperately tried to maintain and continue to run as usual during the last 2 years, in hopes that if we could ride it out and get to the "other side", then it would be OK and we could begin recovery mode. However that has ended up putting us personally in a very risky position that we now need to make a tough decision in an effort to protect our family.
The other reason is my mental health.. I've been very open online about my struggles with mental health and I think I have held onto the brands for too long in my own strength and it has had a negative effect on me and in turn, my family. Enough is enough. I have to prioritise gluing all my pieces back together.
I think if I had reached out to investors with more knowledge than me earlier in this 10 year journey, the brand would be in a much better position and that's the honest truth. I had the mentality of "It's working so leave it alone and don't change anything" when I should have had better forward thinking for growth. Unfortunately my anxiety/panic disorder & losing my mum, made my brain a very difficult place for the past 5 years and I was blind to it all until it was too late.
When will you close?
If we do not find a buyer for the brands, we will gradually sell the remaining stock off. We do not have a concrete closure date as yet.
If you know anyone that would be interested in purchasing FROM ZION OR Love My Bed CO (or both), please email info@fromzion.com.au  
The brands are SO loved and have an incredible customer base that will be very upset if they close down. They are an awesome opportunity for someone willing to breathe passion back into them. 
Why have you done a PREORDER right now?
We have had hundreds of requests for plain black bamboo in a handful of signature styles over the last few months, so we thought we would give you guys what you are wanting for possibly one last time. We *may* do a few more things in the future, but FZ will cease to exist as it has.
Please note, that If you purchase PREORDER items in the same order as Clearance items, we will ship out the clearance items immediately and then send out the PREORDER items separately when they arrive. You will only pay for 1 amount of shipping.
If we don't receive enough orders on a particular style to meet Minimum order quantities for our manufacturer, we will refund the item in question.
Preorder ends in 1 week : 9th November 11:59pm AEST
Returns/Exchange policy on PREORDER items: We will not be able to accept returns/exchanges on preorder items, because the brand is closing down (unless someone buys the brand). If an item is faulty - please contact us immediately after receiving on hello@fromzion.com
What happens with Gift vouchers?
Please use your gift vouchers during the preorder and the clearance sales.
What happens to 'FZ family'?
FZ family will stop accruing as soon as we have made our announcement on November 2nd 2022. We simply cannot afford to keep discounting further than we already are and we can't keep sending out gift vouchers to a brand that is not going to be here for you to use them... We have loved you being a part of our FZ family and are sincerely grateful for everyone over the years.
How can customers help if they want to?
We appreciate any help you can give by letting people know the brands are for sale and also by purchasing during the preorder and the clearance so that we can move as much stock as possible and try to recover some of our lost costs over the last 2 years.
BIG love, Jas xoxo