Our Team


Jas (aka Boss Lady) is the Founder and Fashion Designer. Her creativity from a very young age saw her dream become a reality. Jas hates long walks on the beach, but doesn't mind a double shot latte personally delivered to her in bed.


Ben (aka Professional Thinker) is the Co-Owner and Creative Director (and husband to Jas). You'll likely find him designing our famous prints and taking photos. Ben often gets mistaken for napping on the office couch, but is strategically dreaming up the next creative campaign.


Kate (aka Jaqueline of all trades) is our Operations Manager and is the backbone of all operations here at FZ. Whether it's helping customers, keeping Ben & Jas on track or pouring (and drinking) champagne, she's here to serve. Kate has been overheard around the office claiming to be an International karaoke superstar!


Mel (aka the Eskimo) is our in-house Pattern Maker. Mel works her magic and takes Jas’ ideas from concept to final bamboo masterpiece. When she’s not dealing with our international manufacturers, you’ll find Mel fighting for the remote control for the air conditioning in the office before she freezes.


Brendan (aka Frequent Flyer) is the Marketing and Logistics guru. Brendan is responsible for getting our shipments here on time, so if they're late, you know who to email. His childish passion for aeroplanes (or as he prefers to call them 'airplanes') has seen him become a sought after pilot... drone pilot that is.


Jen (aka Money Bags) is our Finance Manager. You will find her crunching numbers in Xero and telling us what we can and can't afford. Even though she would prefer to listen to The Beach Boys playlist in the office, she very politely puts up with Jas's 90's RNB throwbacks.


Em (aka The OG) is one of our Warehouse Elves. You'll see her picking, packing and quality checking all of your orders. Em was the original FZ employee in 2013 when Moccs were sewn at home and Tim-Tams were payment.


Sheree (aka Strict Shez) is one of our Warehouse Elves. Shez loves cleanliness and order and if you saw her desk you would think she was setting up a photoshoot for Office Weekly. Despite that cheeky grin, don't leave rubbish around her, she'll turn full mum mode and send you to your room.


Georgia (aka Spud) is one of our Warehouse Elves. You'll see her picking, packing and quality checking all of your orders. According to Georgia, she is the "Awesome" sister in law and she loves being part of our awesome family. Well she's right... our family is awesome.


Elli (aka THE FZ Addict) shopped so much that she was always at our warehouse picking up her orders so we ended up hiring her! Elli is our tallest warehouse elf and also holds two records: Dispatching the most orders in an hour, plus being FZ's highest paying customer.


Kate (aka little Kate) is our Student Trainee. Kate has a passion for textiles and fashion and is currently ranked at the top of her class. You'll find her doing odd jobs, but where she really shines is on the machines. Watch this space!


Paul (aka Youngy) Volunteers as our postal pickup service. Paul holds the proud title of "Boss lady's dad", and with his cheeky nature, has no problem supplying the staff with Friday drinks... on Monday.