Linen Blend Lounge Pants - Crisp White

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Linen lounge pants in crisp white are the ultimate comfort and effortless style. These pants are more than just loungewear; they're a portal to a world of relaxation and cozy vibes.

The cotton provides a gentle touch against your child's skin, while the linen keeps them cool and comfortable, no matter how epic their relaxation session gets.

White lounge pants feature a comfortable fit for ultimate relaxation without sacrificing style.

Linen Lounge Pants Features:

  • Cotton/Linen Blend Fabric
  • Crisp White Color
  • Lounge Pants
  • Easy to Care
  • Slim Fit

No need to size up if your child is a slim build, but please size up if your child is a significantly broader build 

Model is turning 10 years old / Wears size 10
Model is turning 7 years old / Wears size 8