Pillow Case 2pk Charcoal Woven Bamboo

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Silky, luxe, sustainable 100% Woven Bamboo Goodness.

  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Bamboo properties are hypoallergenic, Antibacterial & doesn't retain odours
  • So gentle and soothing on sensitive skin & tactile sensitivities
  • Regulates body temperature through your sleep.
  • After the first wash, gives a stonewash look.

Bedding Sold as separates so you can Choose to mix & match with our other colourways in flat Sheets, Fitted sheets, pillowcases and Doona covers! Or stay with an all-matching look!

The pillowcases have a standard lap-over opening at one end and arrive in a beautifully presented self-fabric drawstring bag which contains 2 pillowcases inside.

100% Bamboo will shrink, but we took that into consideration during manufacture! We tested the shrinkage percentage and added that into our patterns. So when your pillowcases first arrive, you'll notice they are bigger than your pillow! Please give your pillowcases a "Welcome to your new home!" wash before using them, and they will then fit your pillows beautifully!

Important Woven Bamboo Bedding Care Information

NOTE: There is 2 different dye-lots of this fabric, you can barely tell the difference, but we like to be transparent with our customers, so If you are wanting an exact match with sheets and pillowcases, make sure you get all the ones that say "dye lot 1" or "dye lot 2" in your cart :)