We love to share with you about the behind the scenes of our brand journey!

FROM ZION clothing is all about #UnparalleledComfort we want your experience to be part of the FZ family, and there’s a history here.

Your FZ products are always developing to suit your lifestyle, each season we make adjustments and updates to our products because our mission is simple, we strive to be your first choice in apparel and accessories by providing comfort, quality and service that is unparalleled. Sometimes this means we get working a bit too diligently on the products and forget to document the brand story. So below are just a few reasons why FZ is different.

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For You, from scratch

We create each season from scratch, with hours of creativity and skill involved. This has always been a part of our journey. FZ started out of passion and it is this passion that drives us to continue to create. We love creating one-off prints for you that allow you to feel special and comfortable. It’s rare these days to have anyone create something with artistry. Our prints are bespoke, created from our inhouse design team. We create styles and prints that we know you’ll love - because our measure for that ‘love’ is that we looooove them!

Customer Satisfaction is the secret sauce

If you’ve ever read our mission statement, you’ll know that everything about #UnparalleledComfort means a comfortable service, a comfortable return if it’s not quite right, a comfortable long-life for your Bamboo clothing and most of all a comfortable YOU. As a small business, our successes are built on our sales.... Actually, our successes are built on the wonderful customer base who we get the opportunity to create products for.  

No repeats, no restock

Ever recounted the famous Mum words “No means no!”. Well, we’re sticking to it. We are all about creating one-of-a-kind seasons of FZ Bamboo Clothing. Each print is unique, each style designed with you in mind and no matter how much you beg for more, we’re choosing to keep pushing the creative boundaries and bring out more designs. No season repeats, no restock - when it’s gone it’s gone! When you purchase an FZ current season piece of bamboo clothing, it is a unique piece to that collection.

Quality Check

We are only as good as the last piece of FROM ZION Bamboo clothing. Our team are diligent to continually check each item that leaves the warehouse, and our team are earnest in ensuring each moment of production is full of quality for you.

FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. From your first moment of purchase until the very last wash, give back that little bit of care and your FZ will love you for longer!

September 24, 2018 — Jasmin Adams