Our Story

FROM ZION started on a kitchen table in 2013, creating cushion covers with hand stenciled text and hand painted kids clothing. After buying a leather jacket from an op shop, cutting it up and sewing our first pair of moccasins, we noticed there was a small demand amongst our friends. As the demand grew, we maxed out our credit card to purchase our first supply of leather which would make approximately 100 pairs of moccs. At the time that was the biggest "business" decision we had ever made, but it proved to be worth it. After taking pre-orders in preparation for our first official launch, we thought “It would be so great to just sell 10 pairs. That would mean there are some people out there that actually like it!".

Well we soon realised that people liked it and wanted it. Our first night, we sold out of our entire leather supply. That meant we promised to get 100 pairs of shoes handmade and delivered within 2 weeks! My husband Ben (while still working full time) and I spent that 2 weeks, with a 16 month old and a new born, drawing, cutting and sewing until 2am, every night! After the orders were out and we had time to collect our thoughts (and sanity) again, I asked myself that scary question “Do I go back to work or do I pursue my dream?” Well despite the concern, we decided to take one of the biggest risks we have ever had to make. If we didn’t earn $300 a week, every week, we couldn’t pay our bills. Forget about savings, that was just to live.

But somehow, with a healthy balance of fear and faith, we stepped into the unknown, and we are so glad we did. Today you will find Ben and I working out of our warehouse in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, with an incredible team around us. When we see people from all walks of life, all over the world enjoy our products, it makes us so happy.

This journey has been crazy, stressful, challenging, and extremely risky, but it’s just the start of something we believe was given to us from Heaven, and we are grateful for every moment.

Oh by the way, that’s exactly what ‘FROM ZION’ means - from HEAVEN.

Thank you all for following and supporting us. You are helping a small dream become a reality… Now, do us a favour and go after yours!