Not only is bamboo one of the most eco friendly fibres on earth, it's also one of the most comfortable. Bamboo is quickly becoming a popular alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics and here are some reasons why:

Incredibly Soft. Unparalleled Comfort. Helpful to those who have Tactile sensory processing sensitivities.

Antibacterial. Doesn't retain odours.

Breathable & Thermo-Regulating. Cool in summer & warm in winter.

Hypoallergenic. A solution to those with sensitive skin conditions.

Sustainable. Replenishes itself once harvested.  (It can grow 4 feet per day!)

Eco Friendly. Requires no pesticides to grow & 1/3 of the water compared to cotton.

Biodegradable. A greener material that will return to the earth.

More absorbent than cotton. Helps to wick moisture away from the skin.

UV Protective. Protection from the sun's rays in comfort.

Incredible 4-Way Stretch. Retains its shape.


Further information:

We use a couple of different blends varying between: '91%Rayon from Bamboo/9%Spandex' to '95% Rayon from Bamboo/5%Spandex' & you will see that clearly labelled on each product description and care labels.

Bamboo is a delicate natural fibre & does not like friction, please make sure you care for it well. Learn how to wash and store on our blogs.

A new law was passed for all Bamboo fabric to be clearly labelled as "rayon from bamboo" due to the process that Bamboo must go through to take it from the original hard bamboo fibre and turn it into the soft beautiful fabric that we know and love.

All fabrics must go through some kind of chemical process to be turned into a saleable fabric that can perform for different needs.

Bamboo goes though an extraction process that takes the leaves and inner pith  from the hard bamboo using steaming and crushing to obtain the cellulose fibre. The cellulose is then purified, treated, dissolved and reformed to make 'rayon'. Which is technically called a 'semi-synthetic' fibre. (because of the man-made process)

Here at FZ we work hard to choose better processes wherever we can to constantly be moving towards a better world for our environment and our people.

We have been learning about and pursuing manufacturers with"Oeko-tex Standard 100", "Eco-cert" & "Bluesign Certification" which tackles the roots of the textile industry's environmental impact. It eliminates or offers allternatives to harmful chemical substances and the safe & careful management of waste products and emissions (closed loop process).