Another product-care blog for the Addicts!

FROM ZION clothing is all about #UnparalleledComfort we want your experience from purchase to wash, to a long life of comfort! We have created a series of blogs that will help you get the most out of your products!

Your FZ products (where relevant) have washing instructions on the label, this blog is about how to care for and store your garments!

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How to store

Felt Hangers

Available at Kmart and Big W, these hangers are perfect for your FZ garments. Allowing no movement for slip, they also help your FZ pieces keep great shape!

Garment Bags

Intro the garment bags! Many of you will have noticed our new garment bags, not only a way to reduce waste for our packages but also for you to store and protect your FZ favourites!

Bamboo loves a good roll, whether your wardrobe allows it or not - rolling is an easy way to get rid of the washing (faster than a fold) and straight into the garment bag. If you do like a sleek look - we love a good steam! Also, Bamboo is pretty addictive to those moth creatures that love to eat clothes - garment bags add an extra layer of protection to help keep the critters away!

Do Not List

  • Store in an old cupboard! Bamboo holds a lot of moisture, old cupboards can be rife for mould!
  • Hang while wet, it may save you time - but your FZ garments will stretch
  • Store with touching dark colours (especially in humid climates) - if your garment is light in colour, touching colours can transfer

Do List

  • Store in clean, dry places
  • Steam flat
  • Wash and store carefully
  • Wear often!

FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. From your first moment of purchase until the very last wash, give back that little bit of care and your FZ will love you for longer!

July 26, 2018 — Jasmin Adams