When the desire for comfort became a driving force for our vision - it was pregnancy and postpartum that gave us the opportunity to create something that we couldn’t find for our own need.

We exist to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in all that we do. What you may not know, is just how incredible FROM ZION clothes are for growing baby bumps, and postpartum tummies!

What to wear when you’re expecting!

Pregnancy - Leggings

Pregnancy never felt so good! Nobody wants to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes just to have them sit in a box after birth until they can be worn during the next pregnancy. Our double-layered leggings are perfect for all trimesters and even after baby. Double lined so you don’t go showing your underwear when you bend over, and with added length at the bottom for taller Mums out there, a slouch-able style for the shorter of us!


Postpartum Tummies - harems

Our Harems were designed out of a serious need for comfort during this stage of life. Our founder Jas had scarring with nerve damage from 2x caesarians and 1x hysterectomy and couldn't find anything suitable to wear. Rather than stay locked up in the house with nothing to wear, she designed harems for this purpose. Slouchy but stylish harems with fun runners and a leather jacket. Harems allow a bit of give for your tummy and bum, can be worn lower under some scars or higher on some caesarian scars because they are truly #UnparalleledComfort.


The day to night look - Pencil Skirts

Our pencil skirts are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, but with the soft, stretchy, fold-down waistband that can be folded at any height - they are a must have item for growing tummies. You won’t want to take this off, so it’s perfect for day-to-night wear. Finally, a skirt that works for pregnancy that your bum looks great in!


FROM ZION exists to bring you #UnparalleledComfort in every area. Whether you are pregnant, postpartum or kicking goals in parenthood, we’ve designed our clothes with you in mind.

July 31, 2018 — Jasmin Adams