50 cents of every purchase gets sent.

In 2010 Haiti was struck with a devastating earthquake that took the lives of over 300,000 and left over 1 million homeless. Still to this day, the Haitian people are struggling to rebuild their lives, and it is our desire to make a difference.

Our most recent tally of money raised and SENT is $42,694.83

(as at 2nd Dec 2021)



Keeping our families & children safe during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Haiti was already a nation in turmoil. They now are dealing with an even more severe state of hunger, ill-health, governmental power struggles, gang violence, child trafficking, and barely any electricity for the entire nation.

Haiti Protocols & programs:

*temporarily closed school due to government directives
*training families & Children and providing sanitation, health and medical kits
*raising desperately needed funds for solar power for the training center to continue running during Haiti's present power scarcity (they currently only have access to 6 hours of power PER WEEK)
*Continuing our FROM ZION sponsored vocational training course for our Love Community Mums, teaching them the trade of pattern-making and sewing (this course is allowed to continue due to being under 10 people.)


Investing Into A Better Future

Since very early on, we have always wanted to align ourselves with a charity. Not for the sake of looking the part as a contemporary company in the eyes of our consumer, but because we genuinely value people. We believe that we are not on this earth just to see how successful we can become for our own gain, but to use our success for the benefit of others. In our journey to find a charity that would make sense for us as a brand, we found it ironically difficult to enter this space. When things seemed like they weren't working out, we met Michael Crossland who had an orphanage in Haiti working with John and Cheryl Ward under the organisation Frontier Projects. In January 2018, they started the 'Libellule Training Academy' in Carrefour, Haiti, to be able to vocationally train and equip parents in order to provide and support their children in the future. We offered to partner with them in creating a vocational sewing program within this academy by helping supply machines, material and accessories, in order to teach the necessary skills required to meet their own needs, create jobs and restore hope to a broken nation.

Vocational Sewing Program

FROM ZION purchased 8 sewing machines to kick start the program and as an ongoing investment, 50 cents of EVERY PURCHASE you make contributes to the vocational sewing program to restore hope and transform lives. This might not seem like much, but many orders add up to create significant change.

Read more about our work with Frontier Projects

Giving With FZ

If you have already made a purchase with us, thank you! You have already contributed to changing lives in Haiti. If it's on your heart to give above and beyond you can visit the link below. "EVERY CENT GETS SENT" - That means 100% of your giving gets sent directly to the people who need it the most.

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