Your childs foot should be less than this measurement, depending on how much growing room you would like.
  • 'NB' / 8.5-9cm sole (Ballets are 9.5-10cm)
  • 0-3 months / 10cm-10.5cm Sole (Ballets are 11-11.5cm)
  • 3-6 months / 11cm-11.5cm Sole (Ballets are 12cm)
  • 6-12 months / 12cm-12.5cm Sole (Ballets are 13cm)
  • 12-18 months / 13cm-13.5cm Sole (Ballets are 14cm)
  • 18-24 months / 14cm-14.5cm Sole (Ballets are 15cm)
  • 24-36 months / 15cm-15.5cm Sole (Ballets are 16cm)
  • 36-48months (3-4yr). /  16cm -16.5cm sole (Ballets are 17cm)
  • 4-5yr / 17cm-17.5cm sole (Ballets are 18cm)
  • 5-6yr / Ballets are 19cm
  • NOTE: Dont forget that leather is a natural skin and will stretch and mould your childs foot. ALSO our moccs are a great fit for wide/fat little feet, but the elastic in the ankle also means that children with standard or narrow feet can comfortably wear them too! 

All Standard moccs (not including Ballet Moccs) will have non-slip rubber grip sole pads. Ballet moccs have 2 thick leather sole pieces.

All moccs now have an additional leather inner-sole for extra comfort and protection for your little ones feet on those rocky surfaces!

(it is still a soft sole leather mocc not a hard thick sole. Its designed to allow your childs foot to mould and develop naturally without pressure and forceful moulding of a hard shoe)