Not only is Modal one of the most eco friendly fibres on earth, it's also one of the most comfortable. Modal is quickly becoming a popular alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics and here are some reasons why:

Incredibly Soft. Unparalleled Comfort. Feels like silk! Helpful to those who have Tactile sensory processing sensitivities

Absorbent. 50% more absorbent that cotton which pulls moisture away from your skin

Breathable. Natural properties keep you cool/dry in summer & warm in winter.

More resistant to shrinkage. Modal is 50% more resistant to shrinkage than cotton.

Sustainable. Comes from sustainably harvested Beech Trees which are a renewable cellulosic plant. Higher yield per acre (less trees required), significantly less water consumption throughout production carrying into the lifespan with consumer

Biodegradable. A greener material that will return to the earth.


Further information:

Modal fabric is a soft fiber using the pulp from beech trees. You will often find it combined with cotton or spandex in clothing. It is considered a semi-synthetic because the raw material (cellulose) is a natural material which is then turned into fiber using a chemical process.

Here at FZ we work hard to choose better processes wherever we can to constantly be moving towards a better world for our environment and our people.

We have been learning about and pursuing manufacturers with"Oeko-tex Standard 100", "Eco-cert" & "Bluesign Certification" which tackles the roots of the textile industry's environmental impact. It eliminates or offers allternatives to harmful chemical substances and the safe & careful management of waste products and emissions (closed loop process).

We currently use 100% Modal, which you will see clearly written on product descriptions and care labels.


We recommend you handle delicately, machine wash cold, line or tumble dry (low), do not dry clean, do not iron (steam instead or low-medium iron on the wrong side of the fabric if needed to avoid creating shine marks on the outside), do not bleach or use softeners.