No matter what you dress your kids in, they always end up getting dirty, so what's the point in putting them in something nice?! That's if they even allow you to let them dress them in what you picked out for them. Let's be honest, most of the time it's a battle to get them out of their pyjamas and dressed in something ‘presentable’.

“Mum I want to wear my princess costume”. “I don’t want to wear what you got me…  where's my batman outfit?”. “Mum I don’t want to wear my pants to kindy”.

Dressing our kids may be one of those tasks that some of us find difficult but it’s actually something that we should consider more carefully. What are we actually dressing them in? Where do these products come from? Why is there skin reacting that way? What is that material actually made from?

Here at From Zion, all of our Bamboo clothing products are derived from organically grown bamboo which is certified by EcoCert (one of the largest organic certification organisations in the world). Not only that, our Bamboo Yarn carries the “Confidence in Textiles” Certifications which confirms it has been tested for harmful substances. What does all mean for you and your kids? Well our products are:

  • Eco-friendly, causing minimal disruption to the earth and ensuring no harmful chemicals are spread into waterways or over farm lands where the bamboo is grown thanks to its organic status.
  • Safe for sensitive skin as the natural silk like properties of the fabric in addition to the certification confirming it has been tested and contains no harmful substances.
  • Designed for you and your everyday lives right here in Australia by real mums and dad who understand the needs and challenges of clothing your kids in the right clothes.

FromZion clothing is also great for “twinning” with your kids! Styles are often replicated in both adult and kids sizes with our unique prints and colours running across the whole collection.

Let your kids experience the same amazing Bamboo Clothing that you get in your FromZion Products. Kids sizes start from 000 and go up to size 10 (varies by product).

Kids clothing

October 18, 2017 — Ben Adams