What are Moccasins ?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes a moccasin (or moccs) as a ‘heelless shoe of soft leather, the sole of which may be hard or soft and flexible; in soft-soled moccs, the sole is brought up the sides of the foot and over the toes, where it is joined by a puckered seam to a U-shaped piece lying on top of the foot.

The word moccasin is derived from the Algonquian language 'Powhatan' where makasin means shoe. In fact, most indigenous Indian tribes of North America have similar words to denote shoes but as the Algonquians were the first people encountered by the Europeans around 1615 in North America, the term was brought to England, where it was established.

So as you see, moccs have a rich history and thousands of years of timeless design which we have incorporated with care into our FromZion products.

Advantages of your baby or child wearing moccasins ?

The sole type makes a difference

Hard soles can make it more difficult for your baby or child to walk in, as the weight makes it much more difficult. However the soft leather sole of your baby moccasins provide much more comfort and doesn't impede their ability to walk. The soft soles also enables your child to grip the floor more easily as it is a lot closer to walking bare foot than a hard sole is. 

Keep your babies feet safe with moccs

Babies feet need protection from rough surfaces, hot/cold temperatures or various objects laying around the house. The thin soft flexible sole offers this protection while still being adaptable to the surface trodden on, allowing for more grip. Well fit baby moccasins are also much more likely to stay on their feet than a sneaker or flip flops.

Room for your child's feet to grow

Soft soled shoes are often more roomier than their hard soled counter parts. This allows your child's feet more room to grow in their moccs and thus you will not need to replace them as often.  

Our Moccs & Ballet Moccasins

FromZion has a great range of leather moccs for your baby all the way up to your 4-5 year old child.

All our leather moccasins now have an extra layer suede leather inner-sole while our ballet moccs have a traditional suede leather sole.

The ballet moccs have an elasticated foot opening PLUS a thick elastic ankle feature which looks great and helps them to stay on!

We recommend that you downsize your leather moccs in the ballet style. Due to the shaping, they have more room than our standard moccasins.

Baby moccasins -  made by FromZion

These were Lacey’s first pair of baby moccasins that I handmade for her, she was so tiny! I’m Reminiscing about this time 4 years ago... when Lacey was a newborn and when I started fromZION! I was making everything on my dining table til all hours of the morning.

I feel so grateful that From Zion has grown and that I am living the dream that I had way back in high school! I’m continually blown away when I see ‘likes’ and comments from people that have followed me from day dot!

Thank you for loving this brand!

October 16, 2017 — Ben Adams