Our turban headbands are made from our bamboo/spandex blend. Our Bamboo turban headbands are amazingly useful at absorbing moisture, whilst also keeping your head warm and comfortable. from ZION's turban headbands will remain in place even during physical activities and will keep your hair in place.

fromZion's Turban Headbands

fromZION's turban headbands are created with comfort and quality in mind. Bamboo has uv protective properties, which will protect you and your children from harmful uv sunrays, and at the same time, keep you cool and comfortable. 

Bamboo turban headbands work amazingly well for people with sensitive skin and allergies. The bamboo material naturally has hypoallergenic properties, which will not irritate your allergies or sensitive skin. 

The Antibacterial properties of the bamboo material will also help prevent the turban headband from retaining unpleasant odours. This in turn, helps keep you comfortable and clean.

Our headbands are 100% natural & biodegradable, as well as sustainable and eco friendly. They require no chemicals in the manufacturing process, as well as being able to replenish itself once being harvested. 

Our turban headbands have an adjustable tie so you can enjoy maximum comfort and a well fit headband. We have sizes for babies from 6-months and up.

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August 24, 2017 — Jasmin Adams