The benefits of bamboo bedding are numerous to Australians in this hot climate. Bamboo sheets, pillow cases & blankets are breathable and super comfortable. The fabric help to regulate your body temperature by removing moisture away from your body. Our bamboo material absorbs much more moisture from your body, than regular cotton does. The fabric absorbs up to 300% of it's weight! This reduces the the horrible sticky humidity between your sheets and leads to a really cool and wonderful night sleep.

Our bamboo collection isn't just a hit in the hot months of the year, it also works amazingly well in the cooler months, with the ability to keep you warm and regulate your temperature through out the night so you can stay cos, warm and sleep amazingly well. 

Bamboo Bedding Health Benefits

Bamboo bedding not only is great with the cold and heat, but also provides various health benefits from being naturally antibacterial, which doesn't retain odours. Bamboo bedding sheets, pillow cases & blankets are hypoallergenic products which are amazing for those with sensitive skin and allergies. 

What bedding does fromZion make?

fromZion's bamboo bedding range has a collection of quality soft fitted bed sheets, pillows, throws and blankets.

Our Bamboo fitted sheets

Our fitted sheets are perfect for your bed. You'll feel amazing sleeping in our range of soft bamboo fitted bed sheets, you'll be nether too warm or cold. 

Our bed sheets has incredible stretch because of our bamboo/Spandex blend, the sheet stretches to a bigger size and can be pulled tight and tucked under the bed and fits the majority of beds easily. 

Bamboo Blanket/throws

Our soft Bamboo Blanket & throws are about 200cm X 160cm but due to the amazing ability to stretch, because of our unique blend. The blanket stretches to a much larger size. Our Blanket/throw is perfect as a decorative item, a snuggle blanket for the flix, a lay out play rug for a baby, a full double bed blanket, or even a picnic rug!

Bamboo pillowcases 

Our bamboo pillowcases have the ability to stretch to easily fit to all standard pillows due to our unique blend. Our pillowcases match perfectly with our single/king single fitted sheets and cot sheets. It is perfect for your kids bed.